According to different reports there are many warehouse fires each year causing a severe amount of property damage and also civilian injuries and deaths.


One of the leading causes of warehouse and distribution center fires is from electrical distribution and lighting equipment which caused about 18% of total warehouse fires.  Equally responsible for warehouse fires at 18% of the total causes include fires that are set intentionally. Intentional fires, however, are the most destructive causing 32% of the most property damage.

Storage space is very expensive, warehouses are being built higher and higher. The existing racks are often built up to the roof so that the available space can be used optimally. Due to the height and the degree of filling, it is not easy to choose a suitable fire detection technique.

Flammable gases

The most dangerous materials in warehouse fires are combustible and flammable gases and liquids, piping and filter that were ignited first in 6% of warehouse fires but caused 31% of injuries and 12% of direct damage to property. Besides intentional fires, the most common warehouse fires risk hazards include the following:

Rubbish and trash. Piled up trash and packaging can act as a fire starter or can block vitally important exit routes.

Heating equipment like portable space heaters, central heating units and electrical coolers.

Highly flammable materials and combustible liquids. Distribution centres have the same hazards as other industrial buildings such as trucks, motors in overhead doors, gas lines for heat and cooling sources and forklifts. So there are enough sources which can ignite a fire.

So therefore early fire detection in warehouses is a must.


A Stratos Aspirating smoke detector like the Stratos Modulaser can detect fires with 1,000 times more sensitivity than conventional smoke detectors, thus providing a crucial head start in the event of fire. Despite the high sensitivity, these Stratos detectors are extraordinary safe from false alarms, thanks to built in exchangeable filters, drift compensation and the artificial intelligence ClassiFire system.

Security Solutions

However, warehouses and logistics centers come in a wide range of sizes and have a wide range of needs, which makes it nearly impossible to create a single applicable model for determining the necessary fire detection measures. SenseTek Fire & Security Solutions is able to cooperate with fire detection companies in order to create a fire detection concept tailored to the needs of the customers project.

SenseTek is specialised in planning and designing fire detection systems for logistics centers and warehouses so get in contact with us now! sensetek@senstek.nl

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