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Project support

SenseTek doesn’t just deliver. Our very experienced staff can support you from the first inspection until the commissioning of your project. They can come to your project to find out the specific conditions so that a complete and suiting projection and offer can be made. This way you’re guaranteed to offer the perfect installation. When desirable we can commission our systems for you. When someone of your staff is present during the commissioning, we will show the possibilities of the systems so that future commissioning can be done without our project support.

We also offer the possibility to set up a test fire together with you. That way you’ll be sure that the system is commissioned optimal and that it functions correct with a minimal chance of unwanted alarms.

For existing installations we offer the possibility to assist you with your service proceedings. With this our aim is to show your staff every aspect of the systems so that future service can be done without our help. When desirable we offer a fault finding service as well. That`s what SenseTek calls project support!

Please feel free to contact us to find out what SenseTek can do for you. Call +31(0)20 6131611 or email