Some of the systems offered by SenseTek use software which should be installed and maintained. The most recent software is usually included with these systems, but can be downloaded on this website as well.

For programming and maintenance of the Stratos-Micra 25, Micra 100, HSSD 2 and Ex detectors we offer the Remote software package. The current version of the Remote software is 3.0. Remote software can be also used for reading out the Stratos-Nano detectors.

For the older Stratos-HSSD and Quadra systems we have a previous version of the Remote software package, version 1.7 available.

PipeCad has been developed for designing a drilling plan for the pipes of aspiration systems.

Connecting multiple Stratos detectors in an RS485 network environment makes it possible to visualize these with SenseNet. Sensenet is a licence based program. A demonstration version is available free of charge.

For questions and support, please call +31(0)20 6131611.