The goal of SenseTek B.V. is to provide every single market segment with a huge variety of (Fire) detection equipment with top customer service. We provide our services based on the passion and extensive knowledge of the market, also keeping in mind the production characteristics for the applications. Therefore SenseTek can provide a positive business relationship with our customers. Our mission is to become the responsive and trustworthy partner for our clients. Our objective which classifies our identity is:

-a leading position in our market
-an extensive variety and mostly in stock products
-international products of high quality
-knowledge and proficiency of our product

Knowledge makes the difference

Purchasing a high tech fire detection system is easy. But how will you use it to the max?

You need knowledge of the product. Not just from manuals and literature, but from experience. Since the late 90`s our staff has been active with fire safety. Due to closely working together with our customers, we have been searching for the most successful solutions for fire detection in all different kinds of areas with business specific needs. This gave us extensive knowledge of various markets, each with its own specific needs. Our staff has implemented this experience, knowledge and expertise and therefor is the most valuable asset of the company. We like to share our extensive knowledge and trouble shooting skills of these products with our customers, which makes SenseTek a valuable partner.

The added value we supply for these highly recommended products will give you the maximum support you can find in the Benelux. We will visit you at your location; we will look at your inventory; assess and project. Or we can set up a test environment and simulate a fire situation to show you and to guarantee you the best solution for you and your customer. Now you can rest assured with our products and services! This will give you a confident feeling.