Stratos aspirating detection

A fire often has serious consequences. Not only because of the direct costs due to loss of property, but also because of the possible indirect costs that arise because the continuity of the business is at stake. In order to minimize such effects, a fast and reliable detection of an incipient fire is very important on the ambient conditions.

Fire Detection

Smoke detection is the most common way of fire detection. However, the known smoke detectors have a number of limitations which limits their use. Aspirating Systems do not have those restrictions so that these can be used in a much wider scope. Stratos Aspirating systems are smoke detection systems that are equiped with a system of pipes through which air is drawn. This air is lead to a centrally placed laser detector where the intake air is monitored for the presence of smoke. Due to the central location of the detection, aspirating systems can be well utilized to monitor in locations that are not freely accessible or where the installation parts are hard to reach.


When aspirating systems were initially designed, these could be used in very clean environments only, as they were not able to distinct smoke from dust. Stratos aspirating systems are equipped with a laser based detector and several intelligent inventions which make it possible to apply these systems in a very wide range of areas, from clean rooms to waste bunkers. All Stratos detectors are equipped with the patented artificial intelligence system ClassiFire – 3D3 . This system makes it possible for the detector to be optimized for the space to be monitored so that the highest sensitivity is achieved and the risk of unwanted alarms remains limited to a minimum.

All Stratos detectors are equipped with the patented Bypass principle that only passes 5-10 % of all the air drawn through the piping system through the detection chamber. With this technique, the system gets much less polluted than competitive products making the Stratos detectors well suited for use in heaviliy polluted area’s as well.

By adding extra dust and humidity filters (CM10970) Stratos systems can easily be used in damp areas such as cold rooms and areas with an open connection to the outside, where the weather could have a negative impact.


Partnumbers for the Stratos Aspirating Smoke Detection Systems

  • 30621 Stratos HSSD 2 standard detector
  • 30620 Stratos HSSD 2 detector incl. Command Module
  • 30624 Stratos Command Module
  • 30671 Stratos Micra 25
  • 30672 Stratos Micra 100
  • 30725 Stratos Micra 10
  • 30781 Stratos ModuLaser display module
  • 30780 Stratos ModuLaser minimum display module
  • 30782 Stratos ModuLaser display module incl. Command Module
  • 30783 Stratos ModuLaser detector module

Aspirating Smoke Detection System Accessories

  • 30624 Stratos Command Module
  • 30436 Relay/Input card
  • 30430 APIC card – Apollo protocol
  • 30720 Nano communication card
  • 30438 APIC card – Hochiki protocol
  • 30433 APIC card – Notifier protocol
  • 30803 RDU Relay board
  • 30802 Stratos Remote Display Unit (RDU)
  • 30250 SenseNET Software with license dongle
  • 30419 Stratos Serial cable

Spare parts – Filters

  • 30095 Stratos Quadra replacement filter
  • 30755 Micra/Nano filter
  • 30699 HSSD2/ModuLaser filter
  • 30072 HSSD MK1/MK2 & Ex filter

Spare parts – Stratos Micra 25/100

  • 30750 Replacement Stratos Micra 25 detector without the docking station
  • 30753 Stratos Micra 25 docking station
  • 30740 Replacement Stratos Micra 100 detector without the docking station
  • 30742 Stratos Micra 100 docking station

Spare parts – Stratos HSSD 2 detectors

  • 30698 Stratos HSSD 2 detector head assembly
  • 30697 Stratos HSSD 2 Main PCB
  • 30696 Stratos HSSD 2 display
  • 30695 Stratos HSSD 2 flow sensor PCB
  • 30058Stratos HSSD 2 high efficiency aspirator unit

Spare parts – Stratos Command Module

  • 30690 Command Module main PCB
  • 30691 Command Module display

Many Spare parts and filters are directly available and can be delivered within a few days.  You can use these spare parts also for the following brands:

AutroSense Nano, AutroSense Micra 10, AutroSense Micra 25, AutroSense Micra 100, AutroSense 200

Senator Nano, 25, 100, 200

Firelink 25, Firelink 100, Firelink 400

AIR-Intelligence ASD-160, AIR-Intelligence ASD-320, AIR-Intelligence ASD-640

LaserSense Nano, LaserSense 10, LaserSense 25, LaserSense 100, LaserSense HSSD2

ZLS10-S LaserSense 10, ZLSS1 LaserSense 25, ZLSS2 LaserSense 100, LaserSense ULTRA

Mistral 50, Mistral 100, Mistral 200

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