Power supplies and batteries

To attain a certified fire alarm system all components must be EN54 certified, the European standard for fire alarm systems. As the power supplies and batteries are part of the installation, these need the EN54-part 4 certification. Due to the fact that most system components, like aspirating systems, flame detectors, beam systems and linear thermal cable systems operate at a supply voltage of 24Vdc and these mostly decentralized placed system need enough power, it is often not desirable or possible that these systems are powered directly from the fire panel loop.

VDS EN54-4

SenseTek provides EN54-4 approved by VDS power supplies and batteries for fire alarm systems so that your system will continue to operate even in case that the mains would fail. When using these components, you will be able to certify your installation without problems.

The range of EN54-4 power supplies runs up to 10A. The availability of fused output module that can be placed in the power supplies makes it possible that one power supply can power several systems, without the risk that the systems will be infected by one unit failing as all units will be secured by a seperate fuse.

Boxed power supplies are formed from 1.2mm powder coated steel and finished in white; a selection of 24Vdc units are available in polycarbonate IP66 rated boxes.


  • Full Rated Current to Load + Battery Charging
  • Intelligent Elmdene Eco-Charge Technology
  • Selectable Load / Battery Charge Current
  • Choice of Enclosures to Suit Various Battery Requirements
  • 10A Model Can Charge up to 2 x 65Ah Batteries in ‘BATT-BOX65’ Enclosure
  • Optional RS232 Interface
  • LED Indication
  • Mains Status
  • Output Fault
  • Battery Fault
  • Volt Free Fault Output -EPS Fault
  • Mains Fail
  • Volt Free Fault Output – PSU Fault
  • Battery Fault
  • Charger Fault
  • Loss of output
  • Electronic Overload Protection
  • Mains Transient Protection

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