LIST Sensor cable

The LIST Sensor Cable System is a very high-performance thermal sensing cable system that uses a completely enclosed cable fitted with thermal sensors in combination with addressing modules. Two LIST Sensor Cable Systems are available. The d-LIST SEC15 system is the most widely used system in the Netherlands and is suitable for monitoring small areas such as cold stores and large areas such as production areas and parking garages.

In addition to the d-LIST system, the LIST SEC20 Sensor Cable System is also available. The SEC20 system is particularly suitable for the application of long detection lengths such as in traffic tunnels and conveyor belts.


The d-LIST Sensor cable is connected to a SCU835 control unit which periodically requests the temperature of all connected detector addresses and compares them with previous measurements. For example, a developing fire is detected at an early stage based on the temperature rise. In addition to this thermal differential measurement, the system also has a maximum measurement with which the system will generate a fire alarm when the maximum temperature is exceeded even at a very slowly rising temperature.


The d-LIST Sensor cable is available with various sensor distances, of which the SEC15/05 (with 5 meter sensor distance) and SEC15/01 (with 1 meter sensor distance) are the most commonly used versions.

Because the system is freely programmable with an accuracy of 0.1°C and has various log functions in the d-LISTconfig software, it can be adjusted to the environmental variables of the room to be monitored in order to minimize unwanted fire alarms.

Sensor Cable

Since the d-LIST thermal sensing cable looks like a standard installation cable, it does not trigger vandals. This makes the d-LIST Sensor cable system extremely suitable for use in public areas such as parking garages.

Both the d-LIST and the LIST Sensor cable system from the German factory Listec GmbH have an EN54-22 certificate. As a result, d-LIST Sensor cable SEC15 in combination with the SCU835 and the cable in combination with the LIST-Controller can be used without problems in certified fire alarm systems.

SenseTek is a supplier of special fire detection such as the d-LIST Sensor cable system. In addition to supplying products, we can also assist you in commissioning, service and maintenance work. Also we offer our customers the option of following a training, enabling them to carry out these activities themselves. Our highly experienced employees have been working with the LIST and d-LIST Sensor Cable Systems for more than 20 years. This ensures that you receive the best support for new installations as well as for all installations that were carried out in the Netherlands in the past.

The d-LIST and LIST Sensor Cable systems are characterized by:

  • Complete watertightness of the SEC15 or SEC20 detection cable, making the system ideal for monitoring areas where foodstuffs are processed or prepared
  • Insensitivity to dust and smoke, making the Sensor cable very suitable for use in polluted environments such as waste treatment plants, wood processing industry, stables, traffic tunnels, etc.
  • Due to the optical properties of the cable, the risk of vandalism is reduced to a minimum. This makes the d-LIST Sensor cable system the ideal fire detection system for use in public areas such as parking garages.
  • Simple installation of the Sensor cable by means of the SCU835 control unit or the LIST Controller and the use of CBO boxes.
  • Very low chance of unwanted alarms, even in dirty areas.
  • The SCU835 control unit and the LIST Controller can be mounted outside the area to be monitored.
  • Easy to maintain system.
  • Wide variety of cable types available, which differ in the sensor spacing of 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 meters.
  • Fire alarm localization possible when using an optional relay card.
  • Applicable in hazardous (ATEX) areas.

If you have any questions about the LHD systems or if you want to know more about the possibilities and applications of this detection system, please feel free to contact us via or call 020-6131611

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