Fire door holders and closers

Fire door holders and closers can be placed to simplify access and passage. With adhesive magnets, doors can be held open in normal use and can be closed automatically in the event of a fire. The activation for the magnet to release the door is usually a signal from the fire panel. In the event of a fire, the fire panel will cut the power supply, removing the voltage from the magnet and releasing the door and closing it. Also, in the event of a power failure, the voltage of the magnet falls and therefore the door will also close.

The fire door holders from SenseTek are available in various designs. The wall-mounted versions are available in 4 different colors. In addition to the standard white version, these are also available in chrome, stainless steel and brass color. In addition to the 24Vdc versions that can be directly connected to a fire panel, SenseTek also supplies various door magnets in a 230Vac version. There is also a choice in the different adhesive force levels. Almost all types are equipped with an interrupt button to be able to close the door manually.


SenseTek is the exclusive distributor of GeoFire products. We supply the door holders and closers from the GeoFire range in the Benelux. The GeoFire range offers you the opportunity to make a cost-effective offer to your customers, based on a solid solution.

GeoFire was founded in 1972 and has since then focused on the design and manufacture of a wide range of electromagnetic products for fire protection, including adhesive magnets for entrance doors, for example. GeoFire exports its products all over the world.

GeoFire’s production facilities are prepared for future growth. GeoFire attaches great value to continuous improvement of its products through research and innovation. That is why it constantly invests in the latest CNC machines to stay ahead of the competition. Research and development is the key to the business strategy.

Stephenson Gobin

GeoFire is a brand of Stephenson Gobin which is part of The British Engines Group. The British Engines Group employs 1,400 employees in their six engineering companies in England. The British Engines Group has offices around the world including Australia, the US, India, South Africa, Singapore and Germany. GeoFire takes full advantage of the international character of the parent company.


GeoFire’s products are certified by several independent bodies for many international markets to ensure that the products meet all local standards. Some of the certifications that GeoFire’s products meet are CE, EN1155, Underwriters Laboratory (UL), Underwriters Laboratory Canada (ULC), and the California State Fire Marshal (CSFM).

Agrippa acoustic door magnet

Geofire, fire door holder

The Agrippa acoustic door magnet can easily learn the specific sound of the fire alarm in emergency situations and use it to close doors when that sound is heard. The deactivation works on the specific sound of the alarm but does not work on other sounds. This prevents doors from closing unnecessarily. This new development in door magnets works without wiring and therefore is easy to install, in both new constructions and existing projects. Thanks to the simple installation and commissioning, the Agrippa acoustic door magnets are suitable for many applications such as hotels, shopping centers, hospitals, cinemas and offices.

Specifications Agrippa acoustic door magnet

  • Acoustic deactivation door magnet
  • Learns the specific sound of your fire alarm
  • Simple, wireless installation and programming
  • Daily release option
  • 200N (ca.20kg) adhesive force
  • Works on 2x C-Cell Alkaline batteries (good for 12 months)
  • Not suitable for voice activation
  • Fast installation (10 min.)
  • EN1155 standard
  • Made in white. Optionally available in black and gold

Agrippa acoustic door closer

fire door holder

The wireless acoustic Agrippa door closer from GeoFire is a new innovation in the fire protection industry. This wireless door closer can be easily mounted on a door similar to a traditional door closer. The big difference, however, is that this acoustic door closer can learn the sound of your specific fire alarm so that the Agrippa closer will automatically close the door when the fire alarm sounds. The Agrippa door closer works on 2 batteries and therefore does not require additional wiring. This makes the closer applicable almost anywhere and easy to install. This is ideal for use in care homes, hospitals, clinics, municipal buildings, schools, universities, libraries, theaters and hotels.

Specifications Agrippa acoustic door closer

  • Simple, wireless installation and programming
  • Adjustable closing speed
  • Works at an angle of 65-105 degrees
  • Works on 2x C-Cell Alkaline batteries
  • Daily release option
  • EN1155 and EN1154 standards
  • Available in various colors

Contact SenseTek for information about all the possibilities of the GeoFire fire door holders or Agrippa acoustic solutions. Email us via or call: +31 (0) 20 6131611