Fiber optic thermal detection

For very large installations, the use of many controllers can be a disadvantage for commissioning and maintenance work. A fiber optic thermal detection system DTS can be used as an alternative for such installations.

The system consists of a centrally placed controller and one or more fiber optic sensor cables.

Distributed Temperature Sensing System

Firelaser controller


DTS systems contain a pulsed laser which sends in an approximately 1m pulse (equivalent to a 10ns time) into the fibre optic. As the pulse

travels along the length of the fiber optic, it interacts with the glass. Due to small imperfections in the glass, a tiny amount of the original laser pulse is reflected back to towards the DTS sensing system. By analysing the reflected light the DTS is able to calculate the temperature of the event (by analysing the power of the reflected light) and also the location of the event (by measuring the time it takes the backscattered light to return) to typically within a metre.

When a fiber optic cable is projected in a loop, a redundant system is created, making it possible to route the cable through different fire detection zones. The cable can be divided into separate groups by software, according to the zonal borders. In this way, an alarm from a zone will be indicated on the controller as being from the relevant zone. Each zone has its own volt-free alarm contact. This makes it possible to connect the system to the fire alarm installation.

Fiber Optic Cable

The fiber optic cable is provided with a steel reinforcement which makes it very robust, despite its small diameter of just 3.3mm. This makes it very suitable for use in medium to large parking garages and industrial applications.

Fiber-based thermal cable systems have a reputation for being very expensive. The FireLaser system is a welcome exception. Installations with a cable length of approximately 900 meters can compete with the LIST Sensor cable system. Larger installations are generally even cheaper than a comparable installation based on the LIST Sensor cable system.

FireLaser has an EN54-22 certificate issued by VdS and can therefore be used in certified fire alarm systems.


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