Beam detection

FFE FireRay beam detection is an optical smoke detection system that can be used in large rooms, high areas and areas where the architectural aesthetics of the application rules out the use of other types of detection.

SenseTek offers the complete range of beam detection from Fireray. The program includes motorized, self-aligning beams, end-to-end beams and beams for use in hazardous areas.

All beams delivered by SenseTek are EN54-12 certified so they can be used with certified fire alarm systems.

The main products are:

  • FireRay 3000 end-to-end systems
  • FireRay 5000 motorised self-aligning systems
  • FireRay One motorised self-alligning systems
  • FireRay 50/100R reflective systems
  • FireRay 3000 Exd system

FFE FireRay 3000

FFE FireRay 3000 is an end-to-end beam detection system with an extremely long maximum detection length of 120 meter, which is unique in the market.

De systems comprises of a controller, one or two transmitters and matching receivers. The end-to-end beam technique makes it possible to detect in areas with a very narrow line of sight. Examples of such areas are warehouses and areas with running cranes.

The receiver of the Fireray 3000 is equiped with a built in laser that makes the allignment very easy. The laser can be switched on both the controller and the receiver so that commisioning can be done by one technician.

The controller is equiped with programming buttons and an LCD screen. It is to be mounted at an easy accessible location so that the system can be tested and serviced in the most easy way.

One controller can connect up to two transmitter/receiver combinations. This way it is possible to secure an area of upto 2.500m2 with one controller.

FFE FireRay 5000

FFE FireRay 5000 series incorporates several unique features. The beam detection systems comprises of a controller, one or two transmitters/receivers and matching prisms. By the use of prisms the system needs wiring on one end only. This reduces the installation time dramatically compared to end-to-end beam systems.

FireRay 5000 incorporates a built in laser that makes alligning very easy. The laser can be switched on the controller so that one technician can do the commissioning. As the beam is equiped with a self aligning feature, it will not be infected by movements of the building.

The controller is equiped with programming buttons and an LCD screen. It is to be mounted at an easy accessible location so that the system can be tested and serviced in the most easy way.

A controller can hold up to two transmitters/receivers with matching prisms. This in combination with the maximum beam detection length of 100 metres makes that the system is capable of securing an area of up to 2.500m2 with one controller.

FireRay One

The FFE FireRay One is the latest motorised reflective beam system. The system comprises of a transmitter/receiver and matching prism. It holds numerous unique and patented techniques that makes that the system can be unsed in areas wher other beam systems can’t be used.

  • Light Cancellation Technology ™: Enables the system to be used in areas where direct light entry is possible. This makes FireRay One the only reflective beam system that can be used in atria.
  • Building Movement Tracking ™: Ensures that the beam always remains aimed at the reflector, even when the walls move due to temperature changes.
  • One Minute Auto Alignment: Due to the built-in laser, the beam can be commissioned by one person within a minute.
  • One Person Installation: All activities can be carried out by one person.
  • Contamination Compensation: Compensates for build-up of contamination so that the system maintains its initial sensitivity.
  • Dynamic Beam Phasing: Allows to direct detectors towards each other with the reflectors in between. This allows the beams to be mounted on the walls of a room, making installation easier.

The maximum detection length is 120 meters. This means that very large spaces can be provided with a limited number of systems, so that the installation time can be very short. By using reflectors, it is sufficient to lay wiring on one side only. This considerably shortens the installation time compared to beam detection using a transmitter and a receiver.

FFE FireRay 3000 Exd

The FFE FireRay 3000 Exd combines the technique of the FireRay 3000 end-to-end system in an explosion proof housing for the transmitter and the receiver. This makes it possible to use a beam system in Atex zoned environments.

Apart from the detection range that is limited to 80 metres due to the housing, the FireRay 3000 Exd can be used in the same way as the common FireRay 3000 system.

Beam detection is one of the specialties of SenseTek. Feel free to contact us on +31 (0)20 6131611 or