Automatic suppression systems

SenseTek is your partner for a complete programme of automatic suppression systems, for use in very small to extremely large areas.


BlazeCut automatic suppression systems have been developed to provide suppression systems in small compartments. The BlazeCut systems are available with a wide variety of agents like HFC-227ea (100% identical to FM200®), NOVEC1230™, foam and powder, so that we’re able to offer a perfect solution for every application.

Blazecut, Novec

Engine compartments of vehicles and machines, server rooms, electrical cabinets, power generators and similar devices are closed spaces with increased risk of fire and out of sight. In case of fire such combination may have devastating consequences such as damaging property, interrupting business or in the worst case scenario losing lives.

Local application systems from the BlazeCut “C” Series product line provide effective fire protection of such larger enclosures. Automatic operation, fast detection and effectiveness are the most important elements of the “C” Series systems.

The system operates automatically independent of any power supply, which is a key advantage, as the system is able to effectively operate and suppress fire in spaces even when people are not present. The system operation is based on a pneumatic detection tubing technology which is sensitive to high temperatures. The detection tube is a “heart” of each BlazeCut “C” Series System providing detection function and in some types of the systems also release of agent function (DLP System). Pneumatic detection/activation operates solely on physical principles.

Selected ILP Systems include an electric solenoid for electric actuation using smoke and heat detectors for detection and connection to fire control panel with GSM module.

FSL Firetec Systems

FSL automatic suppression systems are designed to offer suppression solutions for large to very large compartments. We offer a wide variety of suppression agents like the so called CleanAgents HFC-227ea (100% identical to FM200®), NOVEC1230™ and inert gasses like IG541, IG55, IG100 en IG01. Because of the wide variety in cylinders we’re able to offer a suiting installation for every room.

We’re not only able to offer you suppression systems for new installations, but we can offer you new or refilled cylinders when these need to be replaced when they were used in a suppression or due to their age for existing installations as well.

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