Automatic Purge Unit

Because of the design and technique Stratos aspirating detectors are suited for a wide variety of environments. Practically every protected room contains a certain amount of pollution. To make sure that the aspirating pipes don’t get clogged, periodic cleaning is needed. For most areas cleaning during the normal annual service interval will be sufficient.


In heavier polluted areas, such as garbage waste plants and cocoa warehouses, a shorter cleaning interval shall be chosen. For Aspirating installations with very short intervals the SenseTek Automatic Purge Unit is the perfect solution. This Purge Unit fully automatically cleans the piping system by blowing compressed air through, from the detector side of the pipes. An extra advantage is that the built in particle filter of the detector doesn’t pollute quickly, so the life of the filter expands dramatically. Additional an extra Dust and Humidity filter (CM10970) can also be placed.

By blowing pulsating, a vibration occurs in the aspirating pipe so the pollution comes loose more easy and gets blown out of the pipe via the aspirating holes. This pulsating blowing gives the great advantage that the necessary amount of air is reduced, so that the compressed air system or compressor has to start up less frequently. When a compressor is used the kettle volume can be reduced as well.


The built in pre-programmed PLC carries 7 programs with various cleaning intervals, varying from once a week to once an hour. Shorter intervals are available on special request without surcharge.

During commissioning of the Automatic Purge Unit the required program can be chosen by using the associated input on the PLC. The factory setting is once per hour. Apart from the 7 programs the unit is equipped with a test setting that immediately starts a cleaning session. This function can be used during service proceedings.

Aspirating Systems

The automatic purge unit is available in 1, 2, 3 and 4 pipe versions so that it can be used with the complete range of Stratos aspirating systems. Standard SenseTek supply the Automatic Purge Units with 25mm pipe connections, so that they can be used with various other aspirating system brands like Vesda, Xtralis, Securiton and Cirrus. We can also supply the units with 27mm connections.

For more information about the Automatic Purge Unit or the aspirating systems from the Stratos family email us via or call SenseTek at +31(0)20 6131611

Automatic Purge Unit