SenseTek is your supplier of the Alarmline thermal cable detection systems. A distinction can be made between analog self-resetting systems and digital systems.

Analog systems use a controller that provides alarm transmission of the connected sensor cable. The sensitivity of the system can be programmed into the controller by means of a PC. Digital systems can be used with or without a controller. The systems work as a fusing cable where the two wires melt together when the alarm temperature is reached. When a digital cable is connected to a controller, a system is created that shows where the cable has been fused, in other words where the fire alarm has been.

The analog Alarmline system has an EN54-22 certificate and can therefore be used in certified fire alarm systems. It is necessary, however, to agree on an adapted fire size, since the standard Dutch test fire 7 does not generate sufficient heat to allow the system to react within the combustion time. Digital cable systems with alarm temperatures of 78°C and 88°C are EN54-28 certified. The other alarm temperatures are not yet available with an EN54-28 certificate.

The specifications for the Alarmline thermal detection system are:

  • Can be installed up to 7.5 meters.
  • Unlikely of false alarms even in polluted areas
  • Sensor cable is easy to install
  • Special coated sensor cable for durability
  • Controller can be installed up to 500 meters from the sensor cable
  • Easy to maintain system
  • Can be installed in explosive environments

Alarmline cable and its associated controllers allow integration with many fire alarm and extinguishing control systems offering a complete system solution. The use of ATEX approved junction boxes and Intrinsically Safe barriers enable the Alarmline system to be used in hazardous areas.


Alarmline systems have been on the market for many years. The LWM-1 system in particular has been widely used in the past 20 years. Such installations are therefore still in use at many locations worldwide. For maintenance on LWM-1 systems and for replacement of system parts, SenseTek can still supply Alarmline LWM-1 parts.

For more information about the Kidde Alarmline system please send us an email via or call SenseTek at +31(0)20 6131611

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