Kidde Alarmline LWM-1, SenseTek introduces the linear thermal detection system. The system comprises of a controller unit and your choice of the length of the sensor cable. The Kidde Alarmline thermal detection system does not only warn you at a maximum alarm temperature, but also when there is a fast increase in temperature (rate of rise) so that a fast detection is guaranteed.

The Kidde Alarmline system is completely programmable with DIL switches, without the need for a laptop computer. This means a very rapid commisioning period. The Alarmline system meets the standards of detector rating A1, A2, B, C and P. Because of the EN54-5: 2000 certification the system can be used in certified fire alarm systems.

The specifications for the Alarmline thermal detection system are:

  • Can be installed up to 7.5 meters.
  • Maximum cable length of 300 metres within EN54-5 specifications
  • Unlikely of false alarms even in polluted areas
  • Sensor cable is easy to install
  • Special coated sensor cable for durability
  • Controller can be installed up to 500 meters from the sensor cable
  • Easy to maintain system
  • Can be installed in explosive environments

Alarmline cable and its associated controllers allow integration with many fire alarm and extinguishing control systems offering a complete system solution. The use of ATEX approved junction boxes and Intrinsically Safe barriers enable the Alarmline system to be used in hazardous areas.


Alarmline Digital is a twin conductor cable with temperature sensitive insulation protecting the inner conductors. Alarmline Digital operates by melting the internal insulation at a predetermined temperature, this results in the conductors short circuiting which provides a fire alarm signal. Fire and Fault conditions are provided by continuously monitoring for a short circuit (Fire) or an open circuit (Fault) state by the fire alarm panel.

For more information about the Kidde Alarmline system please send us an email via or call SenseTek at +31(0)20 6131611

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