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Fire protection in car parks has been in the news a lot lately. The presence of (electric) vehicles and ventilation systems makes it difficult to choose the right fire detection system in car parks. Because petrol or diesel cars generate exhaust fumes and therefore smoke in normal use, it is undesirable to detect a developing car fire based on smoke. If that were to happen, not only would there be many unwanted fire alarms from starting vehicles, but the chance that a notification would come from a different detection zone than where the exhaust gases actually occurs would also be considerable. This is because the ventilation systems that currently are installed in parking garages will spread the exhaust gas. The consequence of this is of course that the fire brigade will not only be present later, but also maybe in the wrong place. Applying a thermal detection system  avoids the aforementioned risks for ICE cars.


This problem will not apply to electric cars because they have no exhaust gases. Today, more and more EV and hybrid cars are parked in car parks these bring their own challenges when it comes to fire protection. But also for EV cars thermal detection is the appropriate form of fire safety in parking garages.


SenseTek has over 20 years of experience in securing parking garages, supplier of the Alarmline thermal cable system from Kidde, the LIST Sensor cable system from Listec and the FireLaser fiber optic system from Bandweaver (see more). The Alarmline thermal a low end solution is extremely suitable as a thermal detector for use in fully enclosed and small parking garages. When the facades and/or roof of a parking garage are slightly open the LIST Sensor Cable System is the better choice for fire protection. For medium to very large garages, the most versatile system is the one that is based on fiber optic cable. The FireLaser from Bandweaver bring the most advantages in price but also in maintance and installing.

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