Parking garages

The presence of vehicles and ventilation systems makes it difficult to choose the right fire detection system in parking garages. Because cars generate smoke in normal use, it is undesirable to detect a developing fire based on smoke. If that were to happen, not only many unwanted reports will occur by starting vehicles, but the chance that a report comes from a different zone than where the smoke actually occurs should be considered as well, due to the ventilation system present in parking garages will spread the smoke.

Using a thermal sensor cable system avoids the aforementioned risks. SenseTek is a supplier of the Alarmline thermal cable system, the LIST Sensor cable system and the FireLaser fibre optical system.

The Alarmline thermal cable system is ideal for use in fully enclosed parking garages with low ceilings. When the facades and / or roof of a parking garage are slightly open or when there is a risk of vandalism, the LIST Sensor Cable System is the better choice. Because the system is built around a cable that looks like a normal installation cable, a vandal would prefer not to damage it. For medium to very large garages, the application of the FireLaser fibre optical system is often the best option from a cost point of view.

The many years of experience of our employees ensures that you will choose the best detection system for your application.