Due to the great variety of conditions such as moisture, dust, oil, smoke formation, temperature, factories are often difficult to monitor properly. The influence of the machines present in such spaces and the processes that take place often make it very difficult to realize a reliable fire detection system. The high degree of filling, as a result of which parts of such spaces are not or hardly accessible, often makes the problem even greater.

Because Stratos aspirating systems can be mounted in a central, easily accessible location, commissioning and maintenance in such areas is very simple. After the pipe system has been assembled, it no longer needs to be physically approached. During commissioning, the equipment can be taught-in so that the normal operating conditions and processes in the room are used as a basis for determining the alarm settings for the fire detection system. This minimizes the chance of unwanted reports, even in highly polluted areas. We endeavour to supply the best configuration as possible to fit your purpose in each manufacturing site. 

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