Electromagnetic door holders

SenseTek is the official distributor for Geofire electromagnetic door holders, door closers and other activation devices in the Benelux.

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Stephenson Gobin

Geofire is a product brand of  Stephenson Gobin, which is a British Engines company. The Britis Engines Group employs 1,400 people all over the world.

Geofire, kleefmagneten, kleefmagneet, electromagnetic door holders

Agrippa door closer

SenseTek also sells the Agrippa door closer. The door closer will be activate by the sound of the fire alarm.

Geofire, electric door holders, kleefmagneten, electromagnetic door holders

If you have any questions about the electromagnetic door holders, the Agrippa Acoustic door closer or you like to know what SenseTek can do for you.
Just call us +31(0)20 6131611 or email us sensetek@sensetek.nl 

Agrippa deurdranger, Geofire, kleefmagneten, electromagnetic door holders