Cookie statement

Last update: July 16, 2021

SenseTek uses cookies that remember your preferences and facilitate navigation through the SenseTek website.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small files that remember your preferences while surfing and store them on your own computer. Cookies have two functions:

Cookies make your internet use easier: cookies remember login names, passwords and preferences, such as a language setting. Example: You log in to the Downloads section. Via a cookie our system knows that you are logged in the next time you visit the same website. You do not have to log in again.

Cookies register your website visit for measurement purposes. Cookies can only remember preferences and interests based on visit and click behavior. Example: it can be tracked how many visitors visit a certain web page, so that SenseTek knows which parts of its websites are popular.

If you disable these cookies, you will not always be able to use all the features of the SenseTek website. It may therefore happen that the experience of the site is disappointing or that you see certain parts more often.

Remove and reject cookies.

You can delete already placed cookies and refuse the placing of new cookies via the browser settings on your computer. The way in which differs per browser. Consult the help function of your browser if necessary.

Disabling cookies only affects the computer and browser on which you perform this action. If you use multiple computers and / or browsers, you must repeat this operation as often as necessary.

Changes in the cookie statement.

SenseTek reserves the right to make changes to this cookie statement. Any adjustment will be published on this page. We recommend that you regularly consult this Cookie Statement, so that you are always aware of the content of the applicable Cookie Statement. You can of course also contact SenseTek for your questions or comments regarding the cookie statement.