Cold stores

The unique environments within cold stores present a challenge to both early and reliable fire detection. Detection system performance can be influenced by factors such as air change rate, temperature, humidity and the geometry of the area to be protected.

Cold Stores

Aspirating Smoke Detection (ASD) systems have been used to protect refrigerated storage facilities for many years. Most fire protection technologies which are designed to operate in freezing conditions are not capable of early warning detection and are prone to being damaged by equipment such as forklift trucks. The very early warning capability of Stratos Modulaser detectors means that they are able to detect the incipient (pre-combustion) stage of a fire which drastically reduces business disruption, asset damage and the potential risks to the safety of personnel. The design flexibility of Stratos systems also allows them to be used for the automatic activation of pre-action suppression, both gaseous and sprinkler.

But when access doors to cold stores open, significant temperature fluctuations in the room can occur. This sometimes creates a lot of condensation locally, so that such spaces can become so moist that ice can form. Due to the possible ice formation and the often very dry goods that are stored in such spaces, detecting fire is no easy task.

Dust and Humidity filter

Stratos aspirating systems, possibly in combination with dust and humidity filters(CM10970) and heated pipe systems, are often the only properly functioning fire detection system in such spaces.

The choice of sampling pipe material will depend on where the pipe is to be located. For instance, installation of ceiling mounted sampling pipes can be made easier by using long lengths of pipe material suited to coping with low temperatures and internal temperature fluctuations. ABS pipes and fittings are best suitable in Freezers, Chillers or cold stores and Loading Bays.


The various international codes and standards specify detection point spacing or maximum area of coverage per detection point for a variety of different airflow rates, ceiling heights and structures etc. In compliance with these prescriptive regulations, Stratos ASD sampling holes would be located in the same positions as individual smoke detection devices. Alternatively, with reference to local codes, the sampling pipe and sampling hole configuration can be determined by the software PIPE CAD.

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