Stratos-HSSD 2

Stratos-HSSD 2 is designed to provide very high sensitivity smoke detection for large areas. ClassiFire Perceptive Artificial Intelligence ensures that the detector operates at optimum sensitivity for the protected environment, without the need for complex setup. This means the detector will configure itself to provide high sensitivity in a computer room or reduced sensitivity in a smoky area. Volt-free contacts ensure compatibility with any fire alarm system. Each detector is provided with 3 monitored inputs.

Standard features
Large area aspirating smoke detector, up to 2000m2 coverage. High sensitivity provided by laser based forward light scatter for reliable early warning. EN54 Part 20 approved. Unique ClassiFire® Perceptive Artificial Intelligence system that dynamically adjusts the detector’s. operating parameters, allowing for day to day changes in the protected environment and system contamination. Unwanted alarms from dust are avoided using patented Dual Technology LDD 3D3 Laser Dust. Discrimination and elimination system. 4 sampling pipes, up to 250m maximum total length RS485 communications built in as standard for networking and remote communications.

Typical applications

Stratos-HSSD 2 detectors have been successfully applied in tens of thousands of applications worldwide, including:


  • APIC™ Addressable Protocol Interface Cards available for most industry signalling protocols
  • Command Module available for central monitoring and display
  • SenseNet computerised remote monitoring compatible – up to 127 detectors per loop
  • Remote Display units available
  • Suitable for Stratos-MatrixScan, a patented software system which provides virtual addressable location detection – eg 10 physical detectors would provide up to 45 unique addressable locations
  • Steel enclosure variant for more industrial applications

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Stratos HSSD 2