Stratos pipes and fittings

The SenseTek range of Stratos pipes and fittings are designed specifically for use with low pressure/high flowrate aspirating type Stratos smoke detection systems. Our sampling pipe and fittings are manufactured from red ABS. This material was selected because it is easy to install, offers excellent rigidity, chemical resistance, impact strength and weather resistance. ABS has good resistance to most diluted inorganic acids, salts, animal fats, oils and organic acids which makes Stratos pipes and fittings the perfect solution for installing aspirating fire detection in a very wide variety of environments.

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Stratos pipes and fittings.

Self regulating heater cable

The Stratos aspirating systems can be used in a wide variety of environments. Dirt, humidity and extreme temperatures, the systems can be set in a way that detecting smoke particles is done in the most efficient manner. The combination of low temperatures and humidity in cold stores can cause the ABS aspirating pipe system to freeze. This can cause the aspirating holes to be blocked so that the detection is no longer possible. To prevent the aspirating holes to freeze SenseTek offers self regulating heater cable. This cable is to be installed in the Stratos aspirating pipe where the generated heat prevents the holes from freezing. For areas where freezing can be a problem for a fail free functioning Stratos aspirating system the SenseTek self regulating heater cable is the perfect solution!

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Dust and humidity filter

Humidity and electronics is a poor combination. As aspirating systems are electronic devices humidity can cause problems for these devices. When Stratos aspirating systems are being mounted in a humid environments like cold stores or fruit warehouses, then a dust and humidity filter is being advised. The filter is to be installed near the aspirating system so that the air from the secured area is being drawn through the dust and humidity filter. The filter is equiped with 27mm pipe connections to fit directly in the pipe system of Stratos aspirating systems. 25mm connections are available on request.
As the dust and humidity filter carries a clear cup, the user can easily see when the internal filter cartridge needs replacing. It also makes it easy to check if the filter needs to be emptied of extensive water that was filteres from the incoming air. SenseTek advises a maximum filter replacement interval of 1 year.

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SenseTek Stratos

Automatic Purge Unit

Because of the design and technique Stratos aspirating detectors are suited for a wide variety of environments. Practically every protected room contains a certain amount of pollution. To make sure that the aspirating pipes don’t get clogged, periodic cleaning is needed. For most areas cleaning during the normal annual service interval will be sufficient.

In heavier polluted areas, such as garbage waste plants and cocoa warehouses, a shorter cleaning interval shall be chosen. For installations with very short intervals the SenseTek automatic purge unit is the perfect solution. This unit fully automatically clean the piping system by blowing compressed air through from the detector side of the pipes. An extra advantage is that the built in particle filter of the detector doesn’t pollute quickly, so the life of the filter expands dramatically.

By blowing pulsating, a vibration occurs in the aspirating pipe so the pollution comes loose more easy and gets blown out of the pipe via the aspirating holes. This pulsating blowing gives the great advantage that the necessary amount of air is reduced, so that the compressed air system or compressor has to start up less frequently. When a compressor is used the kettle volume can be reduced as well.

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SenseTek automatic purge unit