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Factories can be the hardest places to guard when it comes to fire detection, due to the huge diversity of atmospheric conditions (moisture, dust, smoke, temperatures). Machinery in these rooms can make it difficult to achieve an accurate and reliable fire detection system. A lot of these areas are stocked to the max which can make it very difficult to reach the system parts on the ceiling.

Because of the fact that Stratos Aspirating detectors can be mounted in a central, easy accessible location, these are very easy to service. After the installation of the aspirating pipe system is completed, these parts do not need to be accessed anymore so that the protected area can be used in the intended way, even during maintenance of the fire detection system.

During the commissioning phase of the device it can be programmed and optimised based on the actual environmenal conditions of the protected area. This optimisiation will continue during the life of the system so that the probability of false alarms will be minimised, even in the dirtiest environments.