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Compared to occupied spaces in ordinary buildings, an atrium has a much higher ceiling and far greater volume. This large volume and height will make it very hard to detect a fire in its incipient stage. The height can make it impossible to reach the ceiling area where conventional spot type smoke detectors should be mounted so that testing such installations can be very hard.

Furthermore, in the case of an atrium with its ceiling constructed with a transparent or semi-transparent material to admit natural light, the temperature in the area close to the atrium ceiling can be quite high due to solar radiation and the influence of air conditioning systems. This causes the creation of a hot zone, which might possibly prevent the updraft from the source of fire from reaching the ceiling.

Takning the above mentioned points in consideration the best possible solution is to apply the Stratos Aspirating system. The employees of SenseTek have an extensive experience of how to apply aspirating systems in situations like these.